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Bipolars, please reply!

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Okay, so I might be bipolar. Could anyone who has this help me a bit with information and such? I prefer MSN to communicate with, seeing as I can't stand to wait for a reply longer then a day... ^^ So, if anyone is willing to help me out with finding out if I'm bipolar enough to visit a shrink, please contact me!



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I'm kinda semi diagnosed as bi-polar
Went to the doctors where they offered a explanation for my elevated and extremely low moods but obviously I needed an pysciatric assesment.. which unfortunatley I've had to wait 2 months for and have heard nothing so i'm off back to the doctors tomorrow but if u do wanna chat my msn is

xRobyn_Jessicax@hotmail.com :biggrin:


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I'm diagnosed depressive with 'some' bipolar. I know that my lows are very low and my highs are very high and they change with lightning speed. I"m on Zoloft, Risperdal, and Lithium, and the combination of meds seems to help me a lot.

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