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Birthday 3 months away

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So I decided to off myself on my birthday which is 3 months away. To put it simply I quit my job 'cause they were simply horrible to me. I thought for a long time and knew if I quit I be left no money. So it was a no win situation. It was either be miserable at work or miserable at home. So I decided to kill myself on my birthday. I already have an idea of how I want to do it. I hardly write anything on the internet but felt this would give me some sense of closure..... weird rite? Anyways thanks for letting me rant.

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Now you have left your job hun you have time to take care of yourself okay
You have time to go to hospital sign yourself in and get some stability
There they will perhaps help you apply for some disabilty payments if you find working too much
but go in now hun okay 3mths is a lot of time to get yourself strong and well for you birthday hugs
Yeah I know how you feel I'm 40 in 4 months time,sold my flat and spunked the money almost! I figured that I'l go once the money's all gone getting close and bit scary now. I'm not sure I'd do it on my birthday because it's gonna be upsetting enough for those left behind without the date of your demise being your birthday. I dont know I guess it won't make much difference but just a thought. I'm sorry to hear that it's come to this for you,I know you were unhappy at work but you were at least capable of working. Is there no chance of you getting work elsewhere?
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