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Birthday in 2 days

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I have a court injunction out against me cause i owe a bank €600.
Thats all. 600.
Had to make a partial payment yesterday, and have till tomorrow to try come up with some way of paying.

Between myself and stephen, we have €8 till next tuesday, and that will prob go on cat food.

Was trying to make this birthday a good one. and happy memory, trying to make it a new starting point.
Get rid of the old shit times, start the new.
Thought it was a good time to do this becuase of everything thats happened this year; re-started college, getting my brother away from my abusive mother, passing college, getting out more. I thought now would be a good time to start over.
But no, have to pretend to be all happy and amazing and good times.

I'm drained.
im sry to hear that...but happy birthday!! 600 isn't as bad as i could be...so could u plan to have a big party like next week? and ppl saying happy birthday in 2 days?
no it isnt as bad as it could be. but when you ahve no income no savings no money how are you supposed to get it?
I also, if i cant pay, have to then pay solicitor fees.
man..im very sorry :( wish i could help..and since im only 17.5...idk much bout money...but im here if u need to chat...i'll be wishing u all the luck in the world to pay it off! i know u will! i have faith in u!! *nods my head*
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