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Birthday today

Discussion in 'The Coffee House' started by LotusFlower, Feb 16, 2010.

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  1. LotusFlower

    LotusFlower Antiquities Friend

    Born today, you may feel more often than not as if you're something of a stranger, someone who has stepped off the train or the bus into a strange and forbidding land, not sure of where you are going, how you should behave, or what you will encounter as you venture forward. There are others, of course, who feel like strangers in their own lives, to a greater or lesser extent, but you seem to thrive on it somehow, and because of it you are able to see things as if they were new, different and exciting -- even when they are old, familiar and routine. The flip side, of course, is that you often succumb to a kind of loneliness that no companionship can really touch, and you must ride it out patiently when it descends upon you. Fortunately, you are able to force a smile when you need to smile -- even when you are not feeling at all like smiling

    This is the closest to the truth about me I have ever read.
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    I hope you had a Happy Birthday if it is yours today take care
  3. friendless

    friendless Well-Known Member

    That was beautiful. If it was your birthday, Happy Birthday.
  4. lightbeam

    lightbeam Antiquities Friend

    Happy birthday!

  5. LotusFlower

    LotusFlower Antiquities Friend

    Thank you yes it was my birthday I turned 30
  6. Scully

    Scully Well-Known Member

    Happy birthday :hug:
  7. Little_me

    Little_me Well-Known Member

    Happy b-day!:cake:

    My dad turned 55 today as well
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