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  1. Tavil

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    This is my first birthday without my dad, since he died last October. Even in the final moments of it I keep waiting for that phone call that will never come. Today is the only day that I get any kind of recogniton and it's almost over in just 4 minutes. Tomorrow I'll just be forgotten again. I miss you so much dad...can't stop crying.
  2. Terry

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    As one who has also lost her dad, the first year was ghastly,

    I wish you the best day you can have, though I know I'm a poor substitute for a much loved dad :arms:
  3. tacoper8er

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    Sorry you are having such a hard time. Can't say I know how you are feeling. But I feel for how you do. I am dreading the loss of one of my parents sometime in the coming years and just the thought of it is horrible.