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My friend's birthday is tomorrow. I have no idea what to do. How did you celebrate birthdays of loved ones? I think I might go down to her grave and burn a letter i'm going to write. I dont know.
Miss her. :sad: :sad:


I used to write my friend letters (kind of like a diary I suppose) throughout the year and press flowers in it and stuff and make it look really pretty * Then on his birthday I would go to our special place where he said he would always be and read it to him and then put the flowers in the water and watch them float out to sea * I still do the flowers but not the letters anymore *

sorry to hear about your lose

i think you should do what you think is right in your heart, writing her a letter would be a great idea, then you can tell her how much you miss her, and if you think buring it at her grave will give you some peace then you do that, jus to do whats in you heart :biggrin:

take care

vikki x


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Hey there

Just wanted to say that I'm sorry for your loss.. I hope you're able to get through the day safely.. and yes, the flowers does sound like a good idea :)

Please take care and remember we're here if you need us
Jenny x


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i usually take flowers and a box of tissues to my freinds grave.... of course the tissue is for me... it always makes me feel better... just to talk and cry.. im sorry for your loss...i know how you feel...


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The letter, tissue, flowers are good ideas, yea.
I make up songs. When I was pregnant with my son, and now that we are apart, I sing him songs. It is comforting to me and I want to think telepathically he knows I sing for him. They do not have to make sense. Sometimes, I write the chorus down and it will come back to me another day.

I like to read the letters, that would help me and to possibly place an empty envelope there. I think to follow your heart is best. I took a blanket to sit on the grass and talked to my father. It felt like he was close.

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