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I Sware To God If One More Person Makes Fun Of Me For Being Bi I Will Kill Every Last One Of Those Mother F**kers!


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There is nothing wronfg with your preference of sexuality. They should respect you and not make fun of you. I will be here for you reguardless. take care.
Society today is full of twats who think its allright to judge people of their suxual choice. Personally it don't matter to me, what anyone does with their life is down to them. Its none of my business and is none of anyone else's. People like that need a good slap :dry:
Makes me bloody sick that people think its okay to bully someone about such a trivial thing as that. Thats one part of someones personality, its such a small part! there are other things to someone than their sexual partners.

If anyone was to say something to me or say something to someone infront of me i'd knock them the fuck out. I HATE people like that :mad:


I truly don’t understand why people are so convinced that they have to mock people for such childish sand stupid things. If someone mocks you for being bi-sexual then they are the scum of this world so caught up with other peoples own business they just have to stick their nose in it. I wish I could tell you to ignore them or just punch them in the nose (neither work I know) Just realize that some people have to make themselves feel secure by mocking others, please don’t let them get to you.

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