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    I havent been on here in a while, but everyones rather nice here, so thought I'd talk about randomness in my head. Basically like I was like so depressed it was insane, i was manic depressed and that sucked, like I couldnt stop crying, people got pissed of with me, I had NO sense of humour, and damn i used to have such a good sense of humour, or that may have just been my imagination.

    Anywho, so after a while, I started feeling better, realising my friends are actually pretty cool, well most of them, and stop being in my eyes a cock, but it wasnt like I was doing it intentionally of course but man I could tell I was being a dick sometimes. Like I'd get upset over like I dunno, someone not letting me listen to a song i wanted to, as if they were wronging me.

    But yes, to the PLOT-LINE of this epic story, my depression like wears away to a certain point and then bang I feel like nothing. Its like near happy, but im never like Yay life rules I want to love MYSELFF, but at the same time its near sad, but im not like life sucks and all around me suck.

    So now im in this like zombified gay stage, where I seem to be sucked of all personality, and it like NEVER CHANGES. And it sucks cause life is going really well, its just, i havent like had fun. Depression sucks sometimes. I'd love to experience fun in the proper way. I wish some genius would hurry up and find the cure the donut. ANNOYS ME. hopefully I'll be happy someday though, And hopefully soon, God screwed me over with my depression, Cause I have no idea why I even have it, nothing was going on.

    Anyway I ranted a bit, hope you enjoyed reading my lovely thread, If anyone feels the same Do share your experiences. :biggrin:
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    Hey hun, sorry to hear you're feeling like this, i don't know what's better, to feel like a zombie (i.e no feelings at all) or to feel unbearably sad and lonely o_O
    Anyway, i hope you overcome this feeling of zombiness (lol) and you'll begin to enjoy life again.