bit strange?

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  1. k3bberz

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    I can't usually recognise my feelings, but I just got such a thrill from making a bit of toast in front of my dad with no intention of eating it but knowing I was just going to put it in the bin... Not eating is the only excitement I get anymore...
  2. Aphorism

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    It sounds like you have an eating disorder, or may be developing one. The reason why you probably feel elated at the prospect of making toast, is that you know it will satisfy your father because he won't worry--since he presumes you'll eat the toast like a "normal person".

    I don't mean to make a lot of assumptions, so correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think your feelings aren't really that strange, considering your probable feelings toward food in general.
  3. k3bberz

    k3bberz Active Member

    I guess you're right, my teacher and dad having been moaning at me to eat more lately because they never see me eat/make food... So I guess I felt like I'd "won" against him because then he obviously saw me at least make food and bring an empty plate out after a few minutes.. I also went for a 6 mile bike ride yesterday to get subway, but once again he never saw me eat it ;)