Bitch!!! Fucken bitch

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    What a fucken bitch!! I really thought she liked me, but it was confermed today that she's been using me all along. How stupid I was to believe her. She was so nice and sweet. Kind caring and loving. I was blind, now I see. I'm never going to say a word to her ever again.

    I feel so low that I just want to end it all. And take her with me. Man she sucks big time. Oooo I'm so mad !!! :mad::mad::mad:
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    Fuck fuck fuck I hate her so much, I feel like telling the truth telling she she’s been cheating on her current lover. I want her to feel the pain that I’m feeling right now. Will her lover believe me, oh yeah. I have proof. She wrote about it and posted on *****. I’ll just copy and paste it in an email and send it to her. Then I might have my revenge. She’ll have some explaining to do. He lover said that she would kill her if she ever found out that she had cheated on her. I would have my revenge. BITCH!!! I hate her fucken guts!!!
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    If she wants to play hard ball, Fine, so be it. If she wants to play with my emotions, I’m going to play with hers. I’m going to send emails to all her work collogues, so everyone will know what a fucken lire she really is. I’m going to make sure she gets fired. Loose her lover and she’ll end up living with her mom.

    I hate her so much right now… I want her to feel as bad as I do. I hope she reads this when I send her the link. I hope she’s shaking in her boots. I hope she pisses her pants when she reads this.

    I can’t believe anyone can be so fucken low. That explains everything. It explains her attitude, why she never paid for anything, made me feel guilty if I didn’t pay. No more, that’s it, she’s gone to far. I was always defending her, she fooled me, she really really fooled me.

    How could I been so stupid?? I don’t understand.
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    No, I’m not going to do anything to her. That would make me as bad as she is. I’m just not going to ever speak to her again. That’s it. If she ever says anything to me, I’ll just give her a dirty look and walk away with out ever saying a word to her again. She wanted me out of her life. This is a good way to have done it. Fuck her. She doesn’t deserve a friend like me.

    Good one ********* u got ur revenge. I hope ur happy now.
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    U hurt me, u hurt me bad. Ur pure evil u know that? U have no regard for me and u never did. All those years were nothing but lies. How could u have treated me like that? Sure I was rough on u at times. I tried to teach u right from wrong. I guess ur just to stupid to know the difference. U wanted to do what ever u wanted. Ok fine, so be it. I hope u’ve gotten what u want. I’ll never offer u anymore advice, I’ll never speak to u ever again.
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    I had no idea that she hated me that much. I kept telling myself that she still wanted to be friends. Man was I wrong. I was totally wrong about her. She has fooled so many people. I think she’s a chronic lire. Which means they believe their own lies. OMG why didn’t I see this before? I was so blinded, so stupid, a total moron. Such a fool. She’s scum of the earth. She lives under a rock, she’s so low. I always defended everyone that had ever said anything bad about her.

    WOW, never again. I can’t be so trusting anymore. I can’t believe what people say at face value. Next time I see her, I’m just going to look at her and shake my head, in dis believe. She’s going to look at me and wonder what the fuck.

    She is so cute. It’s going to hell not to say anything to her…sigh
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    WOW I thought she was more adult that that. She kept giving me shit cause I called her naïve. She claimed that she was a smart cookie, I guess she was right. I have to give her credit. She fooled everyone including me. Yes I’m mad, I’m mad cause I didn’t see this coming.

    I guess she decided to take a chance, a chance that I wouldn’t say anything about her history. She’s smarter then she leads on. She knew I wouldn’t say anything. She knew that I still care for her, no matter how much she hurts me.

    I mean, why should I say anything. All it will do is get her fired, then she’d seek revenge and get me fired as well. I would have no problem getting another job, but she would end up at Wal-Mart or McDonalds.

    All her skills were learned where she started. She knows nothing else and she doesn’t have the experience to get the same job someplace else. In that aspect, she’s not smart enough.

    This all started after I give her shit for the way she was treating people. How she uses them to get what she wants. I was blinded by her sweetness, her kind words. Yet all along she was using me. Me who saved her life, Me who gave her words of encouragement Me who was her only friend at the time when her mom was in the hospital.

    WOW it still blows me away. I guess since she stopped drinking, she’s become more of a evil, wicket, mean and nasty bitch. She might have quit drinking, but she’s doubled up on her pot smoking, She has still a long way to go.
    How did I find out she was using me? Well, she needed her truck fixed and seems that I did it last time for free, she thought I would do it again. But when I asked for money, or for her to take me out for pizza afterwards, she made me feel guilty by saying that she’s got no money.

    I told her to go to her ex boy friend and have him do it. When I found out that she had no problem giving him money I realized that she had been using me all along. However he didn’t have the right tools to fix it, she still didn’t get it done. Ah well, so sad, to bad. If she offered me the money in the first place, it would have already been done.

    I guess if that’s what she wants. Not to have any friends. So be it. She is sooo good at fooling everyone. She knows which bosses to suck up to at work. To get what she wants or needs. It’s sad really, that she has to fool everyone. The only one she’s fooling is herself. Sooner or later, everyone with know the real **********

    Just like I know her now.
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    I guess I was born to be used. There are only a few people who truly love me with out wanting anything. My brother, whom I live with, My sister and mother, maybe my step father and my cat. Other then that , everyone one else won’t talk to me unless they want something in exchange.

    I have an aunt that calls every time she wants something. That happens about every 6 months or so. And a cousin, who calls when he wants to get some more dvd copies.

    Other then that. No one at work will give me the time of day, unless they get something in return. I suppose that life. It’s a give and take world.