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    The world has a bite of fire,
    Worse thanthat of any liar,
    It can drain, like vampire,
    All life from any sire.
    'Oh, protect us Great Lord!'
    Scream those before the sword,
    Of all this I am so bored,
    Now, does that strike a chord?
    Fear not fears,
    Fear not tears,
    Fear not leers,
    Or any words to ears.
    Why live a life running,
    When we may stand gunning?
    Fight for ourselves,
    Fight for yourselves,
    Fight for your others,
    And for all brothers.
    'Strength in numbers!'
    A fool blumbers,
    One who fears any solitude,
    Where strength lies, in great magnitude.
    We stand together by choice,
    Not for unified voice,
    But for single minds,
    Most so fail to find.
    Tsk, tsk, dear people,
    Dtuck beneath a steeple,
    Come outtoopen air,
    Embrace the world, do you dare?
    Open your eyes and heart,
    To a bright new start,
    You are you, aren't we all?
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    I love it :smile:
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