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  1. dontwannabeme

    dontwannabeme Well-Known Member

    Bah i woke up today after a bad night :(
    With a massive swollen lip and my tooth hurting :(
    Called the dentist they said i need too come by monday wich is like 3 days from now :(
    Why is there always something that is hurting me its unbelieveble.
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    That is too long to wait go to your GP and get something ordered for the pain and infection that is what i did no waiting that way. I hope you get help soon
  3. dontwannabeme

    dontwannabeme Well-Known Member

    thnx violet :)
    i cant really get meds for pain ...
    i took some but it wasent a good idea as i took too many ^^
    I woke up today it feels better already :)