Black and Red--Trigger

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    Black and Red

    Black tears raining on the earth,
    Red blood flowing out,
    Scattered dreams ending now,
    No more time to doubt.
    Black and red to poison me,
    To make me disappear,
    To cut me quickly, let me die,
    Until I am not here.
    Drown me slowly, cut me quickly,
    Rip my heart in half,
    Stab me, choke me, make me die,
    No longer will I laugh.
    Black tears streaking down my face,
    Red blood staining skin,
    Hope vanishing from my view,
    And darkness still within.
    Black and red to engulf me,
    To make me slowly die,
    To rip me from the life I knew,
    And make me say goodbye.
    Knock me down, kill me quickly,
    Let me fade away,
    Into black-red of tears and blood,
    To the darkness I’ll obey.
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    :console: good poem :hug:
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