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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Leo, Oct 31, 2010.

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  1. Leo

    Leo New Member

    Walking peaceful, barefoot over the green cold grass valley, surrounded by trees, with the humming of butterfly wings, covering the trees like blossoms. Distrait minded, gliding slowly across the valley to nowhere. Flickering reminiscent images of agony and affliction that rotten my core, reminds me why I am here, nowhere. Lifting my arms out stretched beside me, the swift wind passes all around me, almost like spirits touching and welcoming my soul.

    Like brethren they whisper to each other. Overwhelmed with emotion the tears stream out of my emotionless eyes, and down to my chest where the wind flicks them into the air. Yonder is a weeping tree with branches forming an arch to one side, the shade beckons me to my final resting place.
    Underneath the cool enchanted shadow I open up myself to the tree of knowledge and its wisdom it posses of the past, and the knowledge which is to come now.
    Flopping down against the tree admiring the beauty of the green grass valleys covered with trees and butterflies that form the blossoms, it is the only and last memory I want to take with me and that of you. Next to me covered in red velt is a letter addressed to you for not letting your love for me fade. I hope you can still make out the three words that were almost washed away by my tears thinking of only you.

    The 14g needle that is now married to my artery in my arm slowly lets the flow of blood into the ground from whence I came from. The pleasant euphoric feeling fills me with peace. Everything is changing now; the enchanted valley finally reveals the magic I never knew it had. The butterflies look like millions of fire flies, slowly flapping their wings as I feel like floating, the peaceful valley has brought me the freedom I was so yearning for.

    I just wish you were here with me to feel the same as I do now, eternity awaits.

    I love you. . . forever even if I am worlds apart. I will wait for you.
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    You are a beautiful writer your words could fill many hearts that have been broken i hope in time your words speak of a happier place though one that will lead you to a new love a new life.
  3. Leo

    Leo New Member

    It's not easy to fill a void with a part of someone else that will not fit. I will only feel like I am wearing a mask to please the other. A mountain of untold truths keeps us apart, and I feel torn, torn down to my core. It’s not a story to easily understand, but she is the one who keeps me, from my own creative demise. So much for helping other people. I also hope that the songs I sing in time will tell a tale of renewed hope and a reason for living. Tomorrow might be a brighter day, or the day after that. All I can do is hope, hope on restoring my soul as others also bear their weight down on me. The thought of floating away was always a painful experience, but recently it fills my dreams and my fantasies.
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