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  1. Emerald Hyperion

    Emerald Hyperion Sorta Well-Known Member


    Birth. Crying. Love.
    Growing. Potential. Intelligence.
    Excelled. Conquered. Knowledge.
    Feared. Censored. Rejection.
    Disapproval. Abandonment. Loneliness.

    Growing. Hatred. Misery.
    BLACK. Screams. Yelling.
    Violence. Abuse. Crying.
    BLACK. Piss. Shit. Death.

    Why is my world empty, why is my world so dark,
    why is everything black for me, but white for them,
    Fuck them all, fuck the world, they make me feel BLACKENED
    While everyone else looks down on me and is whitened and enlightened.

    I know no love, I know no care, I know no acceptance,
    I yell to the BLACKEST skies and I go unheard,
    I share my BLACKEST, deepest thoughts and fears and I am censored,
    I whisper my BLACKEST sorrowful misery upon many ears and they are all deaf.

    Black is the only color I see, black is the only emotion I feel,
    White is primary color I hate, white is the only fortune anyone else drowns in,
    What the fuck, what the fuck, I hate them, I urinate on their happiness,
    Blasphemies and expletives abound, I spread feces upon their mocking faces.

    No one sees me, no one hears me, no one feels me,
    I am BLACK itself, I am the night, I am the foulest of fright
    No light for me, no hope, not an end to any of the shit that BLACK brings me
    I die, my body turns BLACK, I rot away, my soul is dyed BLACK.

    I hate this world and everyone on it, for shrouding me in its BLACK ugliness,
    but to me, the color BLACK is beautiful, as is death is a lovely end to all ends
    White is demonized, white is a guise, white is a light I will never reach,
    BLACK is a bottomless pool of shadow that claims my life forever.

    What the fuck, what the fuck,
    Why did I write this, I don't know.
    I wanna scream, but I'm too dead already to feel pain.
    Fuck the world, fuck its whiteness, and accept black only.
  2. pit

    pit Well-Known Member

    Ah, the blackness of the soul suffering in its profundity. I like it.
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