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blackmaild.....PLEASE READ!

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by Silvio, Dec 6, 2009.

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  1. Silvio

    Silvio Well-Known Member

    Well, I just got a prank call and I'm fine with them, basically, its just people having fun and they are funny to listen to.

    Only with this prank call, it was my so-called school "friends"(two guys), now the moment this person faked his voice, I recognized his voice immediately and regardless, would have acted calm, even if I didn't know this person.
    So, during the call I was replying with "yea" and I even said his first name and was laughing. After the call I went on hotmail, instant messaged him that it was a good prank call, however to my dismay, he's going to post it up on youtube, he said my whole name and the school I went to, I told them they were taking it too far in a calm manner, they did not listen and said "I will tell you when we upload it on youtube."

    Keep in mind, these two class mates of mine had teased me about my depression and knew I was suicidal and yet kept bring that up and mocking me about it...... I had many chances to take revenge, yet I chose forgiveness and compassion, for example, I had to do my head boy speech in front ALL the people in my year and in my friends' year and I brang it up very broadly saying " Some friends, I told and trusted, teased me about my mental illness...... but I forgive them".....those fucking morons, not only did they get away with the abuse they gave me for 2 years, no justice had been imposed on them, they were allowed to live their school life in peace, instead of having a lot of people hurt them (I had a choice in my speech, I could have easily criticised them and tell people exactly what they did to me, but instead I forgave.)

    ....Now? they're even worse. I try to be reasonable and do whatever is right and beneficial for everybody, to handle situations. But this?..... these two "friends" of mine are simply being unfair,immoral,ludicrous, immature and INSECURE. These two guys aren't like by most people at my school, I try to be understanding of them and accept how they are, but instead they use me to gain popularity and fame among their peers......that is simply going lower than dog shit.

    Here is where I need help, I don't know what action to take......I can easily take revenge that will yield much more severe results and hurt them more, but I "will be just as low as them" (well haven't I fucking heard of this and done it too, perhaps this is what had even caused this........) or I can ignore it, but honestly? every person in my year is going to see this and probably laugh and tease me......I can't believe this, what the fuck did I ever do to deserve such injustice? I forgive,I accept, I try to do whats beneficial for everybody...... and yet these two cocksuckers, get to have the fun and happiness in their lives.

    I really want to take revenge..... and before you criticise, just put yourself in my position. Please help, what is the best, most fairest course of action to take......I am actually contemplating suicide, if people see the video.
    Please help and offer me advice..... I hate myself....maybe I do fucking deserve this......to suffer like this, I just want to die, fuck life, I tried.
  2. katrina

    katrina Well-Known Member

    Like you said - if you take the revenge you'll be just as low as they are.

    Take the other road: go to police. People are never allowed to harass you over the phone, and (unless where you are is exception of rules of western world) taping others phone conversations without notifying the other party that it is being taped, is simply illegal. If they are idiots enough to post the proof of them breaking laws to internet, they just dag the whole you are kindly tripping them in.

    Also your school should be taking actions on bullying when reported.
  3. Silvio

    Silvio Well-Known Member

    Yes, I know, I can't help it, hating those fucks...... and I'm posting to try and keep my thoughts and emotions in check. I told the school, they did absolute shit (and this is a private school we're talking about here.)
    It is not illegal to harass a person to commit suicide (even if they are suicidal) in my country, so I don't think it would be illegal to do the following as well.

    and even if I do go to the police, it is going to cause all this drama for my family too, fuck this..... maybe suicide is the only solution to this.
  4. Silvio

    Silvio Well-Known Member

    Luckily my cynicism and low opinion on people is still evident, so I wouldn't expect help, unless people could relate to it or they benefit from it somehow.
    I may have overreacted with this thread, it wasn't just this that contributed to the suicidal thoughts, a lot of stressful issues had built up the past weeks and this had seemed to be the detonator.
    I guess I wouldn't have minded it IF it the prank call didn't have my full name, year, school and my address. These two degenerate morons have also prank called others too, so if I called the police, they could be facing pretty heavy charges (or the most likely scenario, be left off.)
    It wasn't positive thinking that had gotten me this far, it was my cynicism and distrust with homosapiens (which everybody are sadistic hypocrites.).
    Anyway, I figured out a solution, without anybody's help, ask them to bleep out all the personal details and if they disagree, I think it is authentic and within reason to call the police. I think it is already a severe punishment to be hated by most and they are just promoting the hatred by doing this to several others (all whom probably wouldn't fight back and have done nothing to them.).
  5. NoGood

    NoGood Well-Known Member

    you can send an email to youtube once the video is posted and they can take it down. It wont be online too long hopefully
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