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    My life sucks! I hate finals, I know I failed... all these papers I have due are awful... I'm so fat... and the people here so rude!
  2. Sa Palomera

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    Hey Allie!

    Who has been rude to you!! :mad: I'ma kick them arses! :wink: :hug: :hug:

    When do you get the results of your exams? It could very well be that you think you failed, but in fact did way better than you thought? I know that used to happen to me quite often. And the papers, hows that going? Is there any research I could help you with? Here anytime, just drop me a PM or email, hun :arms:

    Well about you being fat, I dont think you are. And remember what I told you before; exercising *not exaggerate though*, and a healthy eating pattern can do miracles for the body (yeh I know I'm a fine one to talk :dry: )

    Anyway you know how to reach me, and you know you can use it. I'm here for you girl!