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  1. Marshmallow

    Marshmallow Staff Alumni

    Sick of this shit. So tired. WTF is peoples problems :mad: fucking pissed off.

    Tired. Can't sleep. The only time i've been able to sleep is where ive fallen asleep on skype. How sad is that.

    Have been starving myself the last few days. Have eating like a days worth of food in the last 3 - 4 days? my stomach hurts so bad. I've got no appetite what so ever.

    Working out what i want. Don't know why i bother sometimes. I'm trying to be happy but i can't even get that right.

    Fucking give up. Always in the fucking wrong. Feel in trouble.
  2. *dilligaf*

    *dilligaf* Staff Alumni

    i dont know if my reply is welcome or not but u really do need to eat hun. really you do.
    as for the sleeping pattern you went through this before and you know its not good for you, but hopefully you'll come out of it again soon.
    i doubt you're in trouble. or that you are in the wrong with anyone other than yourself
    trying to be happy is the best thing you can do, keep ttrying xx
  3. gentlelady

    gentlelady Staff Alumni

    Don't starve yourself viks. That can deepen depression and none of us need to feel worse than we usually do. Take care of yourself vikki- mind, body, and soul. :hug:
  4. nagisa

    nagisa Staff Alumni

    :hug: :hug:
  5. Dave_N

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    Hi Vikki. Sorry to hear that you're feeling so low. Please have some nourashing food to eat, before things get worse. You need to eat hun. :hug:
  6. tintin

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    :hug: viks am here if you want to talk.