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  1. markrp

    markrp New Member

    I obviously have suicidal tenancies or I probably would not have signed up to the forum, but this is not a new thing, I have been thinking about taking the final step near every day for 2 years.

    So what am I talking on a forum for and not doing it (as my brother did), well I have a few questions that may change my outlook (it has not yet).

    1) Why not? - We are all going to die, every single living thing on the planet up until this moment has died, all them people telling you not to jump, will also die.

    2) Euthanasia ? - Practice of intentionally ending a life in order to relieve pain and suffering, seems to be a acceptable way to go if I was in great physical pain, but not if your have emotional pain.

    3) How many people live lives that are worth saving, seriously, hospitals are full of people that want to be healed to either improve quality of there lives or save it, for what - they are going to die sooner or later anyway. Do you know anyone that you can honestly say it will be a tragedy when they die, yes no doubt people will cry and so on, but im talking about someone that has a full life - to sofa dwellers. There will be some but I have not met one as yet.

    4) Whats the point of it all? Common question on this forum I bet. Study from primary school, to get good grades for secondary school, study harder for University, now you have degree, you can now buy stuff you dont need and teach your kids to do as you did.

    5) Life is about experiencing things ? What difference does it make when your dead. An analogy was two guys go on holiday (vacation) for 2 weeks, guy 1 comes back after week 1 and misses all the good times guy 2 had in his second week. Now if we look at a real life scenario I have had experience with, my fathers friend (James) was a twin which died during the war (Sean), one of the twins lived a long life (James), does anyone think they will meet up in heaven and James will explain all the things Sean missed. My point being its not like an investment, it will make no difference whats so ever if you will until 200 years old and experience everything life has to offer, when your dead thats it, no comparison of holiday photos on this trip.

    6) Cowards way out ? I dont think so, it has to be one of the hardest things anyone can do, every cell in your body is telling you no, the reason you will pull your hand out of the flame is because it has a self defence mechanism.

    7) Think of the trauma you cause your family. I have experienced this before as I have had a brother that did this in the 80's, but to be honest when your dead you will not feel guilt as its just an emotion, which will die with you.

    Your thoughts would be appreciated.
  2. Hatshepsut

    Hatshepsut Guest

    I hope you feel welcome here.

    It is true that all of us will die, and the experience of Life on Earth probably won't matter afterward, from a perspective of nonexistence. But until then, you always deserve the best in life.

  3. youRprecious!

    youRprecious! Antiquities Friend

    My thoughts might be appreciated mark, but I expect they will (might?) also be argued/disagreed with..... If you want up front honesty, I will work on my answers for you - don't have time at the moment however, but I do care - and am very sorry about your brother.
  4. youRprecious!

    youRprecious! Antiquities Friend

    1) This being true does not however mean that death = the only inevitable end of life, (+ its extended thinking: so therefore we might as well just get it over with the moment we’re born, really. Why bother?)

    2) This is because those people in emotional pain but with healthy bodies do have the chance to become healed from their emotional pain (I know, because I have been one) and then, with a healed mind and a healthy body can then understand how to enjoy life to the fullest and give thanks for having been born, even into adverse circumstances, it is possible for this to happen, whereas with a terminal physical illness the body is unlikely to do this – even so, there are ethical reasons against allowing euthanasia.

    3) Who is to judge who is worthy of living – this is what Hitler felt he had the power to do and totally missed the point about the meaning of life. [If you believe that life has no purpose or meaning because it has eluded you so far at present, and you feel worthless into the bargain – you have the freedom and the opportunity this is giving you to make some astounding discoveries J

    4) As #3. All you need is to be pointed in the right direction with the appropriate invitation. No one can make the decision for you, or do your “homework”, but each person does have the ability to look around them at creation and make the logical connection concerning the creator of it all, if they choose to do so. For some reason, this tends to get a mixed response relative to one’s previous decisions on the matter (which may need to be reviewed in the light of new information).

    5) It is actually an assumption that “when you’re dead, that’s it” – a common assumption that many people make for various reasons (mainly due to what they want to be true, I guess).

    6) The ending of one’s own life is absolutely one of the hardest things anyone can do, for sure. [I’ve tried it, I know. Fortunately, I was rescued in the nick of time, and can 150% (at least!) say for sure, I am so immensely grateful, even through all the years of putting the pieces back together.] There are reasons why that self-defence mechanism is there – we were never designed for it in the first place.

    7) There again, never having been physically dead yourself, you really can’t know the truth of what happens on the other side. I do have total empathy with those who want to believe this, however, because I remember wanting to believe it so badly myself [even though it meant leaving 4 children motherless and a grieving husband] – however, I was given another chance. There are people who have died and who have returned who would tell you that your soul’s existence is not extinguished when your body dies. I can give you details if you like.

    It might be too straight-talking, these thoughts, but the invitation was issued. I don't mean to cause any offence, so anyone reading this who violently disagrees, please understand the need to respond to mark as he has invited responses :)
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  5. JmpMster

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    You are correct- these sort of justifications come about here on a somewhat regular basis but that is what they are justifications as opposed to logical debate. As soon as person has to start justifying their thoughts or actions it is a pretty good indicator they also see the flaws in them.

    As justifications they could be used in an attempt to make even homicide look less harmful "your honor- 20 years in prison for killing a 65 year old man - statistically they would have been dead in 7 years so "

    There is the actual answer in that point- pain whether physical or mental changes the thought process to one of do anything to end it as quickly as possible regardless if it makes real sense or not. (That is why in the very few places where euthanasia is "accepted" it has a lot of conditions attached to it - like a team of Doctors declaring unanimously that death is the only possible outcome and that death will be in 6 months or less anyway). There is also the basic issue that emotional or better described as mental pain is in fact a mental impairment - no different than a broken arm is a physical impairment - and using an impaired function to to make a decision is flawed from the start.
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