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  1. beckka

    beckka Member

    Why must I bleed
    Why must I be blue
    How fast can I speed
    Just to be with you

    How my heart breaks
    My eyes cry only for you
    I'm in a pit of snakes
    What do you want me to do

    There's a dagger in my heart
    A huge hole in my soul
    Oh where do I start
    My mind feels like a black hole

    I feel your touch
    Why can't you feel my pain
    You make me want you so much
    I have nothing left to gain

    The blood on my hands is your's
    The blood on your's is mine
    There are only a few doors
    Please give me some sign

    How my heart is shattered
    My mind is weak from the pain
    I might as well be ash & scattered
    I'm no longer sane

    Hope you feel my heart break
    I'm feeling a thousand knives of suffering
    What else will you take
    I will be your offering.
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  3. justsomegirl

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    Wow, that is really nicely written. I love your imagery!
  4. beckka

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    Thanks :)
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