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Even though I'm not as depressed per se as I have been previously. I still think about bleeding. It's all I think about. Especially when I go to sleep. I really want to have a house all to myself and bleed, bleed, bleed, bleed, bleed, BLEED!!!! I want to bleed from every part of my body. I want to be drenched in blood, weak from blood loss. I want to die through bleeding.

Thanks for letting me make this thread. Nobody even has to respond if they don't want to - probably best, I've made too many damn threads before. Thanks again anyway.


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Hey depII.
Just wondering how long you've been cutting or how long ago you stopped?
Or if you've ever cut?

What is it that makes YOU want to cut?
If your still thinking such thoughts including ones about dying then your depression can't be completely gone can it?

jane doe

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hey dep, if you ever need to let it all out, you can talk to me, i´ve been hurting myself sice almost 4 years so you can speak to me if you want.
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