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    I guess when it comes down to it... Christmas is never a good time for me. I have never really had a Dad because he cared more about alcohol than his own son.. so I have spent christmas with him maybe 2 times in my life and its been at least 15 years since the last time. I haven't seen my Son in 4 years... so I actually have never seen him for Christmas (my ex has basically gone into hiding and taken him out of my life, even though I'm still paying child support and have tried to find them) This will be the 3rd year in a row without spending it with the rest of my family. My first Christmas after I started a relationship with the most amazing woman I have known..and I can't spend it with her either.. And then my Daughter is going with my other ex to my ex's family stuff... today and tomorrow....

    So here I am.... will be completely alone for Christmas. Really its not a surprise.. sounds like a typical holiday in my life to me. Oh well.. i'll just get a lot of video games in and some movies.
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    sorry you're alone for Christmas too K ..
    but I reckon what you're planning sounds, and movies..
    I will be watching movies also and it certainly won't be "White Christmas" :rolleyes:
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    Yeah, I'm thinking a Lord of the Rings marathon lol. Whats better for Christmas than a bunch a small people and a guy with a beard?
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    what can i say, brother.. lifes a bitch, it has always been n we can just pray it will change 4 better one day.. im also alone, n its probably the worst xmas i had, coz i just recently broke up with someone i truly love
    but im not goin mad, thanks God i found some very special ppl on here n we keep txting all day long, and it helps a lot. dont lose the hope, man. i bet next year its gonna be much better:)