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    so... I have been hit with a large amount of hospital bills lately. To the point that I have been unable to pay rent and have had to make "financial turmoil" withdrawals from my 401 plan. Well, my withdrawal from that is going to be late this month and Rent is supposed to be paid by the 15th of each month or they start the eviction process. I did go to talk to the office last week about the situation and the new assistant manager said she would leave the message with the manager about it (the old assistant manager knew what was going on and was working with me on it. I was kinda throw off a little bit because she doesn't work there and I had no idea about it until I went to talk to them last week.) Well I have not heard from them since last Thursday when I went to talk to them and I'm worried now that I will in fact be kicked out soon even though I should have my money by wednesday.

    I do have a back up plan but involves quitting my job and moving 3 hours away or face homelessness. I really have nowhere else to go here. Now what I'm wondering is if this is in fact a good back up plan. Yes it means I get to actually be with my girlfriend basically everyday as opposed to once every couple months as well as not being homeless but it also means I will have no job and I will be 3 hours away from my daughter. I also will be able to cash in on the remaining money in my 401 plan if I quit my job. its not a lot but its enough to get me by 4-5 months while I look for a new job. So I'm really not sure on if I'm making a mistake or not (that is if I even lose my apartment)
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    Obviously I don't know your whole situation, but it seems like moving 3 hours away would be a better option than being homeless. You can always find another job, and visit your daughter whenever you're able to. I know it won't be easy, but it will still probably be easier than being homeless.
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