Bloody agency idiot morons!

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  1. DarnTired

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    I signed up for this temp agency six weeks ago. I've called and talked to my case worker and left messages and they haven't found me one damn job yet! Today, I call up and they leave me on hold for 15 minutes!

    I hung up and called again and told the woman that she'd better get me talking to my case worker PDQ. When I was talking to my case worker, she found out that certain info had never been entered into my account and she didn't know where my resume was! No wonder these pinheads hadn't found me a job! I wasn't even on their fucking radar!

    I was about to bring them another when they called me back and said they'd located my resume. Where, I have no idea, but that doesn't exclude the fact that it was lost for six weeks and I've been missing out on work because of it. The woman could hear that I wasn't in any mood for any more shit and so she's faxing my resume to a company that's hiring.

    Sometimes you gotta' get pissed to make things work. Even so, my stomach is all in knots now because of it.

    God, I hate these fuckin' assholes sometimes!:mad:
  2. kindtosnails

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    Raaaaaaargh! *growls* Sounds immensely frustrating! :mad: :mad: :mad:

    Still, seems it has a happy end. Hope you do get a job out of them, and hope it helped to 'let it out' :hug:
  3. Terry

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    Sitting here with toes, fingers and eyes crossed:blink: (not a good look!!)
    that you get ze job:biggrin:
  4. DarnTired

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    Got no call back. I just called and the woman I spoke to had to go home because of a family emergency.