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Bloody dog

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Probably a stupid thing to post but its winding me up now,,, we have this great dane who is lovely but he is such a sod. whenever he takes him out he knows he will fuck off but he lets him off lead anyway and then spends fucking hours chasing the stupid thing for miles because he goes in the bull pen up the road and fucks off to the kennals to wind their dogs up,,,,,,,,, 2 flipping am in the god damn morning and hes out chasing the fucking dog again,, ffs DONT LET HIM OFF HES A LITTLE PRICK
Yerh, he is adorable
really, loves to sit with me and tried to get on my knee. hes always happy to see me and jumps on the bed in a morning to say hiya. He loves the kitten, they cuddle up together. I jst refuse to take him out now so he has to do it. He wont listen once hes outside. we live on a nature reserve though and its wide open fields so you cant blame him for wanting to run x kinda looks like him


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The dog probably does not get enough stimulation and exercise, so when he gets free, he does not want to give it up and come back. The problems rarely come from the dogs, but from their owners. Unless they are not spaded or neutered, Great Danes, which belong to molossers, are not roamers. Ours would never, ever leave the yards and had perfect recall. And passed two to three years old, they settle and become very calm dogs. Not at all like scent hounds which are hard to train, notorious roamers and will take off on a scent and never look back. I would suggest getting help and advice training the dog before he gets into serious troubles. With a dog that large and powerful, absolute control over the dog is not a luxury, but a necessity. In my neck of the wood, if after a few warnings, your dog is caught roaming, harassing the livestock, and chasing the wildlife, it is just plain shot and its perfectly legal. And the owners have only themselves to blame. Its their fault but its the dog that pays. Just my two cents...
Someone boot the troll. hes just a pup and he will not be getting his knackers nicked. the farmers think hes ace. I do not feel the need to have 100% control over anything,, have you every thought about getting help for your control issues?


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Don't think that's what the poster was saying :unsure:
Our pups were terrible for dashing off, especially the gun dog, but calmed down with age.


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My brother had a great dane black like yours..His name was rock.. He died last year from a snake bite..They just recently got another dane,I haven't seen it yet..
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