blooody angry =Z

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    i dont even know where to post this.

    thats why im angry:

    todayy it made feel even more sick my mate called kirsty startin doin it with her compass in sciene with my other mate being all nice to her & i wos boiling up inside....arrrrghhhhh :sad: :mad: :mad: :mad: for gods sake before it wos just bruises how she self harmed now shesss usesing sharp objects... i swear to god i'lll go fukin mental if she does it like i do :mad: im so pissed off with her. it sounds dumb but it feels like shes stealing my best friend [self harming].. i sound like a mental spoilt brat buttt the flippin sharp stuff is minneee...the damn self harming is mine...and that idiot has taken it away from me. arrghhh godddd :mad: wth am i meant to do???

    that arsehole girl :mad: ar she anooys the hell outta me now...if anyone else finds out she does and all care about her,, god knws wtf i'll do :sad: i know she's depressed too butt goooddd damnn it why does she have to self harm???

    i dont feel unique no more. steeeaaling my damn thing. :sad:

    wot am i meant to do????
    i'll end up screaming at her soon & she wont even understand why