Blue Monday

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    I have nothing. No one in real life, no one online. I have no friends at my college and people at my job don't like me. My psychiatrist is very mean to me. I am isolated and very depressed. I am not going to school today because there is no point, I will have to drag myself to work later on because I need the money so bad. My head hurts.

    There is no way anyone can help or save me, I have to be able to pick myself up, which I have never done before, meds helped when I was on them, but they are switching me to new meds. If the meds don't help I don't know what will. I am too scared to kill myself. If it weren't for my mother I would kill myself in a heartbeat, as she is the only person that will ever love me unconditionally and be loyal to me to the end, everyone else in this world is so very far away from me, unreachable, it is a very lonely and isolating feeling.
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    I hope your new med works for you as they do help. school is important to go talk to coucillor there okay and also try join groups there so you can meet people with your interest let us know how the medication works out okay. If you pdoc is mean to you time to get a new pdoc okay you deserve kindness not cruelty take care