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Board crisis (the ultimate irony!!!)

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I seem to have gotten addicted to this board, although at one time I'm always addicted to something on the internet. problem is I registered here to try to get better and what is happenning is that I'm reading all of these negative posts and what seems to be going on is that i'm getting worse. Perhaps there should be a board for or called 'success stories'. There already is 'Positive Feelings and Motivational Messages' but it is quite slow and i find not satisfying enough. Or maybe there is something else out there?
If you feel like you have become addicted to the boards and its triggering you then you can ask an Admin to put you 'On Leave' or they can restrict your access to some parts of the site. I've been on leave before and it does help alot. It feel like a large weight has been taken off your shoulders. If you feel this place is getting you down and you can't stop comming here then i would reccomend it.


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Hi there,

If you look on the main page there are links to other forums that may be of more help to you now.. for example AfterDark was set up for those who are no longer in a crisis, but want to still be in contact with people from SF

Hope you will take care of yourself. Take a break if need be or try visiting some of these other forums. Unfortunately the nature of SF will mean that the posts can trigger negative thoughts :hug:

Please do what is right for you.. your health is important
Jenny x
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