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    Not sure how many out ther know what Bodies. The exhibition is about. It's actual people swho have passed and their bodies have been preservd and put on display. SOme are muscle soem skeltons some cut in half so you can see allt he organsd etc. It s awesome!!!!! not for the weak or faint hearted. but just incredible if you can stimach it.
    i know it sound s wrong. but it is so incredible to see exactly what you look like inside out. not just pictures. the actual thing. lots of med students were there. and lots of curious just like me.

    i mad at myself though. when you first start the exhibit. you are taken back that thease are actual people. they had a life. but after a while i started to just see the organs muscles etc. i was closing out the people. i feel so bad now. not only do i isolate myself but now im isolating people that deserved some respect and i diminshed them to organs and mucles. fuck me. what the hell am i???
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    I don't think that you have to feel bad about it. I don't think that they would have someone's body there if they didn't consent to having their body displayed after death.
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    whats been said is that they are asians that died in prison and their families refused to claim the bodies because of the shame they ahve brought to the family name. how sad and i paid to see thses poor souls like you would an art show or the circus!!!!! more curious to see my insides thjan to think about them as people by the time i finished the exhibit. i cant believe im that insensitve.
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    I saw this exhibit in Boston a few years ago. I didn't realize the Asian prison thing.. I was under the impression that they were people who before they died had opted that their bodies would be donated to science..?

    Regardless, I don't think you treated them like circus animals. When I went to the exhibit, I was taken aback at how amazing the human body is. Like you, I found it incredible. In fact, it's biology and things like this exhibit that I find most inspiring to live my life and celebrate humanity. In my messy head, everything seems broken and bad, but when we look at biology and the way the human body is set up - from cells to organ systems.. its so beautiful and whole.

    I think you treated the bodies with respect. You thought it was incredible to see what was inside the bodies, to which I agree. To my knowledge, these people agreed to have their bodies be a part of this exhibit before they passed, so they wanted to bring knowledge of human physiology to people.

    *hugs* i hope you're okay. be gentle with yourself, you didn't mean any harm.
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    just been for a peek on google....:eek:hmy:
    I think you're pretty brave going to see it..
    It's awesome.
    I can see why you had to close out the "real people" and focus on the organs.
    don't be hard on yourself hun..I woulda done the same thing
    what an amazing thing to get to see.:hug:
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    nothin g brave about it. i LOVe the ologies. excelled in all in school. started to steer towards medicine for a career but ex kinda made that impossible. how do you go to work as a doc and hide the brusise and abuse? and he wouldnt let me have a minute to me. cant very well do medicne with the hours it consumes if you cant do them.

    im a sick puppy. my favorite holiday is halloween. i actually used to get kicked out of horror movies cuz i laughed too much. the chances that i do get to watch tv its always criminal minds or svu or one of the csi's. i love the morbid. but not as a sicko, just cuz its intriging to me. would rather watch the gross than some uni nerds that have no life and an over abused laugh track.

    but this was differnt. i know in the tv shows and movies its makebelieve. this was real. in my faceand i screwed up big time. my turn is coming fast. dont want my bodi found until its maggots and bones. payback for being so rude. sorry im old school and dead no matter how the person dies deserves respect not ogling.
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    the people are dead, they are not any worse off for being on exhibit. it's thoughtful of you to consider this, but I think you are being too hard on yourself. Are you sure they were prisoners who didn't consent?