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    I'm a teenager, 19, and have terrible problems with appearance. I'm not going into details, but I have skin problems which cannot be improved easily. As I have gotten older this has become more and more of an issue. I have absolutely no confidence talking to others, meeting and making friends. Through high school I was rejected by everyone as weird. The sad thing is that I am/was a social person. When I was younger I was a popular person and had best friends. Now I don't have any friends.

    The loneliness that I have felt for so long now is so bad. My family are supportive, but even they judge by my appearance. I have heard their comments and can see it in their eyes when they look at me.

    As you can see i'm massively self conscious and this is getting worse. I dont have anyone to speak to. I'm devastated inside, but I think i'm good at hiding this. I feel worthless and a failure.

    I often feel that suicide is a last resort if things get even worse, and am comforted by this. But I want to stop things getting worse, and want to change and improve myself. At the moment I just hide away all day, avoiding as much exposure as possible because of my appearance. But inside, I am social, want friends and to go out and socialise. I just need help to sort things out.
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    Is it possible to hide it with clothes and/or makeup?
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    Body and self perception issues if left unchecked can lead to incredibly serious problems (trust me...).
    Can I ask why the problems cannot be treated so easily? Covering up can help in some cases but be careful not to use that as a 'cure' as you may wake up one day and realise you've been covering up for years and it has shaped you and left you feeling like no one knows what you are going through which can increase your loneliness. I always remember not doing the things my friends were doing and when they asked me if I wanted to join in I had to come up with excuses. It felt incredibly lonely. Here to talk if you need to.
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    Also got skin flaws myself too however I make it worse by making a mountain out of a pea gravel if you get my drift.

    I try not to look at the mirror those days and have been experimenting with what people posted online whar worked for them as everyone is different I try a method 2-3 months to give it time. So far i have been using a method for almost 6 months now i still need to be consistent about it.

    Take Care
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    Oh hunni your not alone here. Sometimes i wish i could find people like myself and all go out together or at least meet up and help eachother. Problem is everyone seems to be on the other side of the world. Skin issues have to be one of the worse things to deal with when it comes to self confidence. I have a ton a strecth marks but i reallu dont care about those, i put on a longer top and forget about them. My face though, honestly i will i could get away with wearing a mask 24/7 or that we lived in darkness. Your not alone.