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  1. MusicalHeart

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    So I have lost a lot of weight over the past year. My mum though is constantly making comments about my weight.. And it hurts me.. I'm not stick skinny and I think that bugs my mum.. I'm happy losing weight the way I am, but my mum thinks I need to lose more weight faster.. My mum and my grandmother are always criticizing my weight... My younger sister is verbally abusive about how I look and how im dumb.. And it's killing me.. Why aren't they happy with who I am...?
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  2. Petal

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    I have the same problem, except it is actually my doctor making comments. I'd say I am a lot heavier than you but shouldn't allow others to make you feel bad. No-one is perfect, even supermodels aren't perfect, don't strive to be perfect just be yourself and when you learn to accept you for who you are without letting people put you down, there is no ''perfect'' size or shape so let the haters hate and you keep your mind on being happy with you even your quirks. You said that you are happy with the weight you are so keep feeling that way :) Good luck.
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    Tell em to screw off because it's your journey and you are happy with the way it's going.
  4. Frances M

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    I have some "curves" and I'm okay with that. Congrats on the weight loss! :) Seriously though, they could be jealous of your success...who knows what motivates other people to criticize right? YOU know you're doing well, YOU'RE happy with your weight loss, enjoy and try to rise above, it doesn't matter what they think. xx
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    Firstly, congratulations on losing weight. It's not easy to do and keep off for an extended amount of time so you should be proud of yourself for that and keep going at your own pace to meet your goal.

    Perhaps because of how gradual weight loss is maybe they aren't noticing how much progress you have really made. I'm sure other people you know that you don't see as often will notice the difference. I'm not sure if that's what's happening with your family or they are just being incredibly mean or jealous but I have been through similar circumstances with my family this year. I've lost just over a stone in weight and have a healthy BMI but my dad still says I'm overweight and calls me fat. I don't think he really understands how bad it is to be saying these things and it used to irk me but I have since gotten used to it.

    Whatever the reason try not to get yourself worked up about it because you know what, you are doing great and if you are happy with your progress that is all that matters.
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  6. DrownedFishOnFire

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    Ingore their criticism as usually the negative people in our lives have a lot of flaws themselves and have the great need to try to bring down others that is succeeding. Its toxic and ingore those comments they make. Keep up the great work.
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  7. Frances M

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    Misery loves company right?
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    It's possible that your mother believes that your appearance is a reflection on her--maybe she feels that her pride is being hurt. Either way, the issue is more about your mother and your family rather than it is about you. If you're gradually and consistently losing weight, then that's sufficient--I think that's preferred. Much better than making a drastic, possibly unhealthy change to your regimen.