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    I have a very unhealthy diet. I'm a very fussy eater and I'm often afraid to try new things, instead eating complete sh*t which gives me a bit of energy, but doesn't give me all the required vitamins and nutrients needed in order to survive. As a result, I often feel very slow, tired and lethargic. The thing is, now I am beginning to feel like my body is dying on me, like it's slowly catching up with me after years of fussy eating habits, and just the other day my mum told me I'm getting a little skinny. It's time I nipped this little fear in the bud and did something about it before it's too late. I feel that if I don't do anything soon then I will most likely be dead within the next couple of months or so. But I'm still afraid to try new things, I just wanna slap myself so I can snap out of it and eat right for a change. Are there any other fussy eaters out there? Is there anyone who has overcome this kind of thing before? How do you do it? How do you get past the fear of trying new things?
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    What we eat not only determines how we feel physically but mentally as well.Basically if you eat shit you're going to feel like shit. What makes you afraid of trying new foods? There is a lot of really good stuff out there.
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    Not sure what it is that puts me off trying new things....might have something to do with when I was ill a long time ago, and when you eat something when you're ill it tends to taste all funny, and I think that put me off. Only thing I can think of really.