Bomb Scare at band event in LA

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    Alternative Press - Scott Heisel on 2/5/10 @ 12:23 AM -

    A Los Angeles event Thursday night featuring AP cover stars 30 Seconds To Mars had to be postponed due to a bomb scare at the location--the Hive on Melrose Avenue. Beginning around 8:30 p.m. PST, tweets from the Hive said: "Evacuating Due to Bomb Scare. WE WILL UPDATE," "The police are blocking off the streets around The Hive for about 4 Blocks. Stay Tuned."

    Fans were gathered to watch 20 minutes of the band's upcoming documentary when a young man in a hoodie stormed into the venue with a large, wrapped box and dropped the package at frontman Jared Leto's feet. The man stood onstage and said, "It's time for a little self-help," before Leto interrupted with, "I think he's got some sort of agenda or something." Leto then grabbed the man by the arm and pulled him out of the room through a back door.

    A comment below from a fan at the event paints Leto as a hero. Ozzylove wrote, " So we're all in sitting, waiting to watch 20 mins of their documentary. I was at the the back by the door. Jared came in to introduce the film and then there was a BANG on the front door (right next to me). Some dude came in (young guy with a lit cigarette in his mouth) carrying a big box wrapped in gold paper, and... See More with a big stack of $20s taped to the top. Weird. Everyone in the room watched him walk toward Jared. Jared said "someone stop him" 3 or 4 times, but no one did. The guy got to Jared, dropped the box on the floor and started to give a speech. Jared grabbed him by the shoulders and basically drug him out the back door."

    At about 9:30 p.m., the Hive account said that the bomb squad had arrived and that the event would go on if possible after the location was secured.

    Tweets from 30 Seconds To Mars indicated that nobody has been injured. The Hive tweeted at around 10 p.m. that the show has been pushed to Friday night. "we are going to do the event tomorrow night. sorry to everyone who waited and didn't make it in. stay tuned for more info. sorry!"

    Video of the event:

    This boy was obviously very troubled and drugged up. Someone else who was there says that this boy parked his car right next to hers, and she says he left the engine running and the radio blasting. Imagine if this were real, it would be horrific; look at how many people were in that place at the time...must be about 50 people. This could've been a slaughter.

    A lot of people are wondering how they could've let someone in and get that close to Leto with a mysterious box. Because at venues like that that are intimate and have always gone without incident, it's never been a norm that someone would have ill intent to do something like that.
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