Boo, 13 years wasnt enough.

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  1. May 3,1997-June 19, 2010

    ~Rest in peice, Little Brother~

    My little brother died on June 19th due to SADS(Sudden Arythmic Death Syndrom). He had died 3 times before, but they mannaged to resecitate him. This time he was dead before he even hit the ground.

    First, I will tell you of the first time.
    It happened about 4 months before this incident. He and my other brother, Jacob were at baseball practice. My brother was at 3rd base when he collapsed and had what we had thought was a seizure. He woke up on his own after his heart started beating again. He had been out so long though, so his body wasnt functioning correctly. He was disorientated. He could hardly walk and he couldnt speak right. His words were slurred from his lack of muscle control.

    Now, here is the real deal...
    That day he got a new puppy and brought him home. He named him Shep and he was a Shepard/ Husky mix. My brother gave him a bath, then took him outside to play with him while he dried. They were running through the yard when my brothers heart stopped and he collapsed to the ground.

    Shep went and sat by my brother and barked till somebody found him. My other dog, Sheila, sat by him too.

    Our neighbor went out and and did CPR while my other neighbor called 911. When they arrived, there was nothing they could do. Sheila bit a medic because she thought they were hurting him.

    I was not home during this time, I was at camp. they had me brought home that night and told me. My little boo died at the age of 13, way too young. He was put under way too much stress than his body could handle. Thats why his heart stopped working.

    Please tell everyone you know that SADS is real and not to underestimate it. It can happen to any of us.

    Now, its time for the extra gushy stuff...

    Joey was the most amazing brother I could ever want. He had his share of problems, but I loved him. He and I always stuck together. We spent all our vacations together, and most weekends together. We would go swimming together, and horseback riding together. Its so weird not to have him with me. Its just so lonely. You never know how much you love somebody until they arent by your side anymore. Its been almost 2 years since he died, and I still want to look for him everyday.

    Its hard to lose your best friend. Someone youve known their whole life. Someone you thought you would have until the end. You would think they would live to be old. Live to have children, and get married. Even just old enough to drive. But no, you dont always get that. You can die younge. And you only get one chance. Live EVERY moment like it could be your last, because it might. You dont know what can happen.
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    I'm so sorry about your brother, he sounds like the kind of kid that anyone would want for a sibling.
    I'm sorry that you didn't have more time together.

    RIP Joey
  3. He was wonderful. He had his moments where I (thought I) hated him. But once he was gone, I felt alone. 13 years isnt enough for anyone. I now spend every moment I can with people, in case it happens to be the last time I see them. I cherish each moment.