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hii guys i'm neemo and ive been feeling suicidal :mhmm: soooo i came here....ive been thinking about this for such a long time and i think its time...i have neva told any1 about this but now i'm desperate :sad: im depressed, stressed. All my friends think im happy, whn i actually feel like shit. i neva got the guts to talk put my feelings wth friends or family and i dont think i eva will....ok i think ive said enuff

peace :-o


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Hi Neemo...welcome and so glad you posted...sometimes by putting it in writing here, you can practice so that you can tell someone in RL...I think it is best to find one person who you can trust and who is wise enough to be there for you and help you...many people have problems telling others how we are doing and live a life in which people think we are OK, when we are suffering inside...we keep ourselves this way because we are so afraid how people will react...this is the time to think about yourself, and find the support that is necessary...please continue to post here and welcome again, J
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