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Today i feel icky :( i have that nervous end of the world is coming feeling (nothing to do with the religious one) My little one has tonsillitus and he has a huge fever so we gotta go docs today at 5pm which means hes off school everyone is texting me people give me all there crap to sort out cause i stay home with the kids FFS i cant sort myself out how the hell am i gonna do your crap too!! they dont listen they just keep piling it on. I wasnt planning on a rant but there ya go ....i just wish they would stop with all the stuff they want me to do im drowning in a sea of my own s*** !!! ...ok breathe ....please god dont let today be the day i drown ...

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Good for you for venting Your first priority is always you and your children put phone off okay no more texts or calls not available today hugs


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thankyou guys ! it means alot to me that even though you are all going through your own things you still make time to give someone a kind word xxxx i love you all!


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:hug: sarah. go ahead and vent. i'm sorry to hear youre feeling so low today. you are fantastic!!! <333 hope you and your baby both feel better soon :console:


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What a crappy day, remember tonight, take the time to get you a warm bath and maybe a little pleasure for yourself (drink, chocolate, some really awesome ya know). Destress yourself, tomorrow is a whole new day.

Hope tomorrow is a better day. Hugs.
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