Books clearly can't tell you everything.

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    Little backstory to this. In my English class we're studying Death Of A Salesman. For those of you who haven't read it or don't want to (I totally understand, some stuff is just an acquired taste), the main character commits suicide at the end in a last ditch attempt not to be a failure.

    Anyway, in order for us in the class to get a better understanding of the whole suicide thing, the teacher asked the school nurse to come in and give a talk. In short, this talk was nothing at all to do with the play but was just this lady standing at the front of the class telling us what to do if our friends say that they want to kill themselves. We were given a scenario where one of our 'friends' had told us that they felt suicidal and then were asked what we would do.

    As someone who's had the pleasure of seeing the underbelly of existance, I said something along the lines of "encourage them to get help, ask them who they'd like to talk to, be supportive" yadda yadda. The school nurse then went on for absolutely ages about how this was stupid and we should just tell their parents. My therapist has worked out that my parents are part of the problem for me, so this seemed fairly dumb to me (especially since it was mentioned in the scenario that this 'friend' has insisted that we don't tell his parents). So this guy has opened up about feeling like he wants to end his own life, and we're supposed to completely betray his trust at the first chance we get?

    Anyway, I kept stating my view to the point where the more boisterous members of the class waws shouting "SCRAPS" between me and another girl who was on the nurse's side, but this just irritated me so I thought I'd get rid of some of the anger on here.

    Soz for ranting.
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    It is so hard and until you are in that positon no one can really know what to do Only the person themselves knows how desperate they are and if they are reaching out to you and saying they are suicdal then they are asking you to help them I always always say go on the side where there will be no regrets the one time i did not call i lost my bro dam eh ilost him and i will never not call again no matter how angry the other person becomes sorry i wish i had listened really listened that night.
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    I really liked that book, I feel the same way. A bunch of kids in my class said how suicide was "stupid" and "had no point." I really wanted to punch them in their ignorant faces. Anyway, I know what you mean.
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    It's hard to be in that situation, especially with people who have no idea what it's like. I absolutely hate it when people say how stupid suicde is and stuff like that when they have no idea what it's like. You just have to push through it and rememeber that they have no idea what they're talking about.