bootom of the world, soaring high on wings

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    stop staring at my closed door
    staring at the floor
    clock on the wall ticks
    how long until I'm better

    I am the seeker
    it not you I sought
    I seek power and control
    I seek attention and affection.

    I am the seeker
    maybe you seek these things too
    these things aren't hard to find
    greedy finger want more

    fulfill my world
    fulfill my dreams
    fill my cup
    fill my void

    good things we wanted for ourselvies
    did we think of ourselives above others
    or is it because we think of others we separate
    who is good , who is bad?

    cant let things go to my head
    cant let things touch my heart
    cant let world of dreams crumble
    cant let my heart soar

    wings burnt by the sun
    once again I am fallen
    rollercoaster of life
    who will be there to pick up the pieces this time?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.