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finally got diagnosed. thanks to an offhand comment in chat on this site. it's been obvious all along, but nobody ever told me to my face. i feel a little relief, but also a lot of regret and grief.

pretty overwhelming.

i'm counting the years lost...this really didn't have to happen this way.

what a sad life.


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May I suggest that you look to the past for an education and live in the present...now that you know more definitely what is going on, be the best advocate you can be for yourself and make sure you get the care you deserve...J


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Life is hell for a lot of us. We all have a lot of lost years... There's nothing to be done for it but to make goddamn sure no more will be lost.

Please enter therapy, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dialectical_behavior_therapy is the only one so far approved for borderline personality disorder... You can get a head start while waiting to see one by practicing basic meditation techniques which are the basis of the treatment.
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