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    This session at the therapists was odd. It started off really quiet then I started spilling all this data out. She said that there is a possibility that I have antisocial personality disorder. That explains my quitting jobs quickly. :lol!: I'm always getting a tendency to get bored with things that I get really good at. The only reason I go to school is because I don't have much else to do. I admit that math is kicking my ass but that is the fun thing. I need to take that challenge, I can't concentrate though. I need something that makes me alive. I don't know what it is. An adventure or someshit? I don't know. Just something my mind can't grasp.

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    Sounds like maybe you like doing something that get adrenaline rush like bungie cord diving or sky diving or something that will give you something to talk about and not be bored lots of people need that adrenaline rush to feel alive like that.