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  1. SumBody

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    as hell.

    Watched porn.
    Read fics.
    Listened to music.
    Watched TV.
    Overate and fell
    asleep like some
    narcoleptic cow.
    Trying to finds way to
    distract myself from
    feeling so incredibly
    empty but nothing
    seems to work and
    shit I'm losing all
    motivation and
    interest in everything
    can't stand feelings
    this emptiness and
    I think that I am
    slowly losing my mind
    and when I snap please
    fasten your seatbelts and
    duck for cover ladies and
    gentlemen because this
    motherfucker is gonna take down
    every shitface down
    to hell with her because
    as the saying goes it's
    skin for skin.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.