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I'm bored with life. It isn't fun or interesting. My job is drudgery. Even doing "fun" things with my family on the weekends doesn't bring me any joy at all. I've lived as long as I want to live. I'm afraid of actively killing myself (and I don't have a good method), but I'm ready to die of natural causes. Having a heart attack or a stroke would be wonderful.

Boredom and depression are the defining characteristics of my life.


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I felt like that, and had too much time to think about how poorly I felt...I started making candy...sounds odd, but it takes my mind off of me and I can have sweets when i am done...maybe you can find something...J
Don't think cooking would work for me, but thanks for the suggestion. Sometimes I'm a bit of a forum junkie, right now this forum right here is temporarily alleviating my boredom.
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