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    Yeah sorry if this doesnt belong here etc etc etc

    Suicide. I thank God for this wonderful option. Suicide suicide suicide suicide. The word means so much, doesn't it? ''She's committed suicide''. Such a powerful, delightful word. Depression hahahahahahahahahaha. PSYCHOSIS? HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA These 'professionals' and the majority of society are fucking deluded. Please don't tell me that I'm a lunatic when I can hold a coherent conversation. You'll all think I'm crazy. I'm not.. People don't care? SORRY BUT I DONT GIVE A FUCK. I dont care, id rather die than put up this time. DONT FUCKING REPLY BECAUSE IM A MENTALIST. MENTALLY ILL INSANE.. YEAH.

    By the way, dont view self injury in a negative light. Its creativity on the skin, like art. All those beautiful lines running along my arm. My tears. Suicide is the strongest form of self expression.
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