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    mronin started off with collection agancy callin at 7am and start at me gain. find out friend with breast caner ahs 2 weks to 2 months left and cant go se her my own cancwer causing problemsd lately dad is having surgery he rpobawbly wont sruvive adn hate my own frickin guts right now!!!~
    i am not dong well at all. tryign so fuckin hard to hold on righnt now.l cant even type good. btu come here czu only thing i know and have left. help others cuz im beyonmd it myself. so to all those that i psoted to sorry if you cant read it guess it was more to help me than you. sorry
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    Carla you can PM or email me anytime, you know that!!! I am always here for you.. You have leaned on my shoulder before so use it when you need it.. I will listen to you.. Email is the best way to get ahold of me because I am usually only on the forum in the mornings...Take care sweetei!!!
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    I am glad you came here You are going through so much and i hope if it comes to overwhelming you call crisis for help. I come here like you to ease the pain by helping others but you have to also look after you by reaching out for help in realworld. Please if you feel it is all too much call crisis or your t okay please stay strong you are so helpful to everyone don't forget to be kind to you take care