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    Because I'm bound
    White noise is the only sound
    Colors blur into gray
    and my mind is starting to fray.

    Because I'm bound
    The slightest emotion is profound
    Wars are my retreat
    and sins the most elite.

    Because I'm caged
    Sanity is staged
    Clarity is waived
    and edges are paved.

    Because I'm caged
    Laughter is aged
    and cries are pained
    Because my heart is stained.

    -Something I didn't feel comfortable posting anywhere else.
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  2. SinisterKid

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    Bound and caged.......not a pleasant place to be in anyones imagination.

    Thanks for posting and glad you felt comfortable enough to post it here.
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  3. Brittless

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    This was written to convey how my spirit feels trapped in this diseased body. So there is some reality to it. Thanks for commenting. :)
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    I can definetly relate to feeling trapped. Thanks for sharing.
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