Boy, 7, with no legs trains for triathlon

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    Walking - and Running - Miracle: Cody's Story

    Desmond Purnell, The 33 Sports

    April 17, 2009

    (GRAPEVINE, TX) Like most seven year-olds, Cody McCasland is very active. "I do like running and I like to do swimming," he says.

    Cody's mom, Tina McCasland, can testify to Cody's extra-curricular activities. She says, "In the past, he's done horseback riding, karate, soccer, t-balll, gymnastics; you name it, he's tried it."

    But considering what Cody has had to overcome, juggling around several different sports all at once is mere child's play.

    "When Cody was born, the doctors really don't know what was wrong with him, so they did tell my husband to prepare for Cody to pass, and it was devastating. It was shocking," says Tina.

    Cody was then transferred to another hospital. Luckily, the news wasn't life-threatening; but at the same time, Cody and his family had their work cut out for them.

    Tina says, "It took about a year before we finally found out; so because of that, we chose to have his legs amputated when he was 15 months-old, which would give him the ability to walk, possibly, with prosthetic legs."

    MORE: Meet Team Cody

    Little did everyone know, being physically challenged was no challenge at all for Cody.

    "I have fun in these legs," he says.

    Tina says, "Cody's personality and spirit is that he won't let anything be a challenge to him. If he feels that there's something he can't do, he finds a way to do it."

    What some would call a disability, Cody treats as an opportunity to give hope to other kids and families who are in similar situations -- by running marathons and speaking to others about his unique story. Cody has raised over $100,000 in donations and in the process, touched the hearts of everyone who's heard his story.

    Lauren Rose is Cody's swim coach. She says, "I've learned not to ever have any bad days, and not to be afraid to try anything. If he's out there doing things without fear, then I think everyone should be doing the exact same thing."

    Dilan Shuh swims with Cody and says, "He's a nice friend and he's also a good swimmer. Whenever you get your legs cut off, you shouldn't just not do anything; you should try new things."

    Of his public speaking, Cody says, "I like telling them about my legs because I want people to feel better."

    So what's next for Cody? He's currently training for his first-ever triathalon, coming up in August. He hopes that will prepare him for the Paralympic Games in 2012, making him the youngest athlete ever to compete.

    Cody has a simple reason why his goal isn't too lofty. "Because I will never give up on it," he says.
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    Wow, what a brave little boy!
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