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Im in a situation :( theres 2 men in my life whom I love very much. I dont know how it is possible, but I kinda am in love with both of them. BUT I know them both via internet and they're both miles away from me and the chance that I can litterally be with them is very small.. They both love me too, the way I love them. Lets call them X and Y. X and Y dont know about eachothers existence. :( Yes that's bad. I am in love with both of them but cant even tell them there's a second man in my life.. But that isnt even the worst part :( Yes, the worst part is that I have a man in real life. A relationship. Eventhough I'm not in love with him. I am a person who needs lots of hugs and stuff (no sex or french kissing though) and my boyfriend is giving me that...

so now I have a boyfriend, Z, whom I am not in love with, but I also have this special bond with X and with Y, who dont know about eachother's existence...

what to do?? :unsure: :unsure:


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nothing in cyber can be the same as real life, and nothing in real life can ever be as fanciful as cyber...there are many types of love, but romantic love requires contact, touching, life in the flesh...when we say we' love' someone, we usually are saying we love the way we feel in that person's presence...why not find out what X and Y provide for you and find V who gives it to you in of luck and stay safe
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