boy i'm really crazy

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i'm sitting in the library and these 3 ladies walk by. one of them sees me looking at them and i get paranoid and start cussing toward her. i look at everyone when i am in a public place. its a safety thing for me. but now im afraid of what she thought. i hate this fucking mental disorder. i really do. its for the birds.

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Im sorry you were so paranoid hun I do hope you can talk to your doctor about what happen He or she might be able to adjust your meds so you can have more control over those thoughts and reactions hugs


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Sounds like you have some social phobia going on...Talk to your doctor about it..Tell him whats happening when you are out in public.. I have it and agoriphobia and paranoia..So I can relate to how you feel..Your doctor can put you on meds to help with this..
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