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    I always thought that it was okay not to have a boyfriend you know, but then the more i think about it lately, i would actually like to have one. I was with someone for a while and i think i did push him into it. and i don't want to make that m,istake again. But does anyone know whats its like to feel this way?
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    I think I liked being single for a long time, I think I liked having my own space, kind of selfish in that respect...but I felt at ease in my solitude for many years, probably the result of being an only child to some extent. But now I hate being single, it makes me extremely depressed and lonely, its been a long time since ive shared my life with someone, and whats even more confronting is knowing that it will probably always be this way.

    I know i tend to harp on it...but nobody really knows why im single, nobody really knows my history, nobody really knows why its difficult for me to form relationships with people, and its something I find very very difficult to discuss.

    Theres nothing unusual about wanting a boyfriend or girlfriend...its a basic instinct, primal desire, and I wish you luck in finding that special someone. Im really down on love lately, for me its a fiction, but I accept for some it can work.
  3. LittleSparkles13

    LittleSparkles13 Well-Known Member

    Well no one really wants me, so will end up lonely for the rest of my life.
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    :( Im sorry to hear you feel that way...I can definately relate, also im sorry for kind of hijacking your thread a bit and turning it around to just came out.
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    You don't have to apologize, its actually nice for someone to reply on my thread, most of my threads just go unnotcied.
  6. Fallen-fairy, I know that you and I didn't work out, though it isn't either of our faults. You didn't push me. I was referring to another girl I had dated, who was not from SF, though a few members from SF had pushed me into the relationship through MSN. Anyways, I hope you will have a boyfriend soon. Take care :hug:
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    it's nice to have someone to confide in, to trust and spend time with. to have a mutually caring relationship. but it is not necessay to be attached. as in girlfriend-boyfriend. it is nice to say this is my girl/boyfriend, but at the same time being single is ok too.