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boys are so EWWW

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as the title states, boys are EWW

this kid who has liked me for years asked me out again today lol and i said no. i feel kinda mean about it... but i dont want to get his hopes up or anything. i then told my best friend about it, and 5 minutes later he is asking her out. we are on the phone together having a good laugh about it lol

i think that i have given up on guys lol GIRLS! here i come :biggrin:
i amnot sure that i like girls anymore either. my friend is being a bitch to her boyfriend who i am also friends with and she comes crying to me about it, but when i try to help her she says that it isnt a 3 person relationship. WELL IF IT ISNT, THEN STOP FUCKING COMPLAINING ABOUT IT TO ME!



*comes in the topic and casually gives a damn face* oh well, i suppose you could simply not have sexual attraction to either side?
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